Integrated Court Services

The mission of the Integrated Court Services is to provide sentencing, mitigation and investigative services to the legal community.

We use a host of resources including:

•  Attorneys
•  Federal, state, county and local court records
•  Local and national social service professionals
•  Fire/arson investigators
•  Private investigators
•  White paper/document preparation
•  Conflict resolution resources
•  Background investigations
•  Polygraph experts

We have a long list of investigative offerings that we use in collaboration with our resources:

•  Expert witnesses in criminal justice research & case development
•  Cybercrime
•  Internet predators
•  Hate crimes
•  Identity theft/fraud
•  Traffic case reconstruction/consultation
•  Forensic & evidentiary support
•  Witness preparation (adult and juvenile)
•  Applied behavioral science
•  Background investigations
•  Personal security specialists


•  ILC Evaluations
•  Mitigation Services
•  Expungment Research and Evaluation
•  Alternative Sentencing Reports
•  Sex Offender Evaluations and Recommendations
•  Substance Abuse and Mental Health Evaluations
•  Forensic Case Management and Resource Identification
•  Child Custody Conflict Resolution
•  Domestic Mediation
•  Case Consultation

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